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A Team with Experience

With a reputation as infrastructure experts, Work Horse Integrations has been providing consulting and integration services for the MuleSoft family of products leveraging Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and API technologies for over 14 years. Our combined experience covers more than 30 cities in 19 states throughout the United States, Great Britain, Jamaica, and Barbados.

 We are passionate about enhancing our clients’ legacy systems through our partnerships with technology leaders in modern Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and API applications. We are committed to migrating point-to-point integration applications to create a high-performing, robust and reusable integration architecture.

Our consultants have successfully helped Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized and small technology companies, grow their operations through automation and process efficiency. We are proud to have built efficient work flows for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, insurance industry leaders, government agencies, and retail giants. Our deep experience working with common integration scenarios in industries also includes successful projects in manufacturing, logistics and hospitality.

Work Horse Integration offers dedicated team members who provide solutions based on extensive knowledge of the complexities associated with integrating several networked systems. Our combined resources have worked hundreds of projects, from lead technical roles to valued team members.

Erich Liepold

Erich Leipold

Managing Partner, Senior Integration Architect

Beth Liepold

Beth Leipold

Owner, Managing Partner

Tel: 330.752.2812