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How We Automate Business Process by Connecting Applications

Here you’ll find our collection of software integration articles and technology news and information. We post these stories to help you envision how Work Horse can simplify your business by automating the applications that run it. Whether your organization is a small or midsize firm or large enterprise, we’ve helped companies of all sizes and from numerous industries. Our expertise is in rerouting a company’s most critical, intensive resources – people, applications, and systems – to their highest purpose. Highlights from some of our favorite articles include:

  • How we deployed our QuickBooks desktop integration API to help businesses connect financial data to other business applications.
  • How we helped a Fortune 500 firm with thousands of applications find a consistent, efficient way to use them. The challenge was also to build, deploy, test, and release apps in days, not weeks or months.
  • How we transformed a Cleveland manufacturer’s manual, repetitive workflows by automating their business processes with custom software integration.
  • Factors for hiring an API integration service provider like us for greater productivity, efficiency, time savings, and expense reduction. Also, why it’s vital to have an API infrastructure for acquisitions.
  • Best practices when hiring a MuleSoft consultant like Work Horse to streamline internal processes for maximum efficiency and productivity. Also, how to solve complex hardware and software integration issues.

Staying abreast of software integration and tech news is vital for your business. It enables you to adopt the latest tools, enhance efficiency, and remain competitive. Understanding emerging trends inspires innovation, ensures optimal system compatibility, and empowers strategic decision-making in a dynamic digital landscape. Check out our stories below, and sign up for our newsletter to keep current on the latest developments! You can also check out content on our YouTube Channel.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Simplifying the Complexity of Technology Now more than ever, technology is moving at the speed of light. Keeping up with the latest advances and how

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An illustration of a white and blue digital cloud in the sky overlooks a photo of a downtown city street with tall buildings at night. The interior of the cloud is made of a grid of small squares. The cloud has a burst of thin white lines shooting out from it, leading to various icons like a laptop and smart phone suggestive of our software integration platform.

What Can WHIP Do For You?

Meet WHIP: Our Software Integration Platform The Work Horse Integration Platform (WHIP) is our proprietary space where servers, networks, and applications all reside to enable

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New Site, New Heights

New Site, New Heights! We’re excited to share the launch of our new website, which makes it even easier to understand all the ways we

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