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Interim Technology Staffing

Most small and midsize organizations don’t need a full-time technical expert on staff. Internal tech teams at large enterprises are often so busy that they need additional support. As experts in interim technology staffing and consulting, Work Horse offers fractional CTO/CIO services in Cleveland and around the U.S. A fractional Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer or Software Integration Architect works part-time or as a contractor. They bring their knowledge in technology and innovation to provide guidance and direction as needed.

If your business needs help designing and implementing software or hardware solutions, consider us as a fractional IT resource. You get all the experience of a senior CTO, CIO, software engineer or DevOps software management consultant without the salary and benefits coverage. Whether a few hours a month or a few hundred hours a year, Work Horse can work with you.

The Role of a Fractional Technology Professional 

As part of the executive leadership team, the fractional CTO, CIO or Software Integration Architect is responsible for driving advances, facing key opportunities, and solving the challenges of an organization’s technology infrastructure. Engaging and getting buy-in from leadership and other internal stakeholders around digital transformation is critical, from the initial digital strategy assessment to its implementation. A lead tech officer brings proven strategies and tactics that foster internal support for digital initiatives.

Fractional technology professionals assist in shaping the vision, roadmap, and strategy for a company in alignment with its business goals. They oversee technology projects, manage technical teams, and ensure efficient resource allocation. Fractional CTOs, CIOs, and Software Integration Architects also evaluate emerging technologies, mitigate risks, and optimize IT operations. This flexible arrangement allows companies to access top-tier talent without the commitment and cost of a full-time executive. Fractional tech leadership is a valuable resource for scaling and innovation.

The CTO’s Unique Position in Enterprise Digital Transformation

Although the responsibilities of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) overlap, there are distinct differences between these positions, including a primary focus on either hardware or software. As part of their professional activities, CTOs need to stay current on new and changing technology. Acting as a “bridge-builder” between processes and people within an organization, CTOs play a critical role in driving digital transformation. Part of their skills and core responsibilities include:

  • Possessing strong technical knowledge and experience, resulting in the successful deployment of digital solutions. 
  • Understanding organizational goals and challenges, both within the technology area and enterprise-wide.
  • Having strong communication and collaboration skills for relationship-building with all stakeholder levels.
  • Mobilizing leadership, staff, and resources around digital transformation efforts within the organization.
  • Working with internal leadership, including the CIO, to implement strategies that benefit the top and bottom lines.

Core duties and expectations for a lead technology position vary from company to company, but these are just some of the proficiencies that fractional Work Horse CTOs, CIOs, and Software Integration Architects can bring to your business on a part-time or as-needed basis.

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