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Using the MuleSoft® API, we offer custom software integration for business process automation to U.S. companies from our Cleveland office. If your business is like most, it uses various software packages to manage the functions of various departments. Often these applications, while best in their categories, are not designed to easily connect or “talk” to each other. Many companies accept this as normal and create time-consuming, manual workarounds to ensure vital business and client information is shared between functional areas. 

Not only does this take time away from more productive pursuits, but it can also result in costly mistakes, repetitive tasks, staffing excesses, and slower delivery speeds. Imagine, for example, making a serious investment in a customer relationship management (CRM) system, like Salesforce or HubSpot, only to later realize that it doesn’t seamlessly integrate with your accounting and billing software, such as QuickBooks. Yikes. That’s where Work Horse can step in with WHIP, our software integration platform. We can join your disparate technology systems and automate repeatable front- and back-office tasks. We use a DevOps method for the best possible app scalability and reliability. 

Software We Use to Integrate Software You Use

Our custom MuleSoft API (Application Programming Interface) can automatically connect the software applications that run your business and allow for centralized access to critical company data and real-time insights. No more manual data entry, complicated workflows, overworked employees, and underserved clients. Put simply, we can cost-effectively help your business operate more cost-effectively by eliminating business process redundancies and inefficiencies. Here are some of the most popular software packages we can connect to each other. This list is not all-inclusive, so if you don’t see an application your company uses, chances are we’ll have no problem integrating it. And our Free Audit lets us evaluate how we can join any variety of your software apps.

Questions about how we can connect your software applications so your business runs better?

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