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Simplifying the Complexity of Technology

Now more than ever, technology is moving at the speed of light. Keeping up with the latest advances and how they can improve your business and your life isn’t easy. Fully understanding tech terms like AI, API, UI, UX, front end, back end – and their impact on productivity and profit – takes time and next-level expertise. That’s where Work Horse comes in. We’re here to simplify complex jargon so the benefits of these technologies aren’t a mystery. One of the best ways to do that is by providing understandable, real-world examples of how our software integration solutions automated and streamlined organizations like yours.

Here are a few examples of how Work Horse helped clients whose various software applications were not networked or talking to each other. We integrated their systems by using an API or Application Programming Interface. Think of an API as a conduit or channel through which data from many sources can be connected. (Our preferred API software is MuleSoft). APIs allow vital information to be automatically and seamlessly shared in real time across many departments.

Challenge: A health care client was manually matching inbound product orders from its website to product shipping email notifications from another source. The company was also manually emailing customers about the status of their orders. These things took time and resources away from the business. The process was also subject to human error.
Solution: We used an API to connect the website product orders to the product shipping email notifications. We also created a branded email to automatically notify customers about their orders. This saved the client time, money, and inaccuracies. It also elevated their professionalism and the client experience.

Challenge: A logistics client was receiving its inbound product orders from PDFs attached to emails. This required manual entry of order data from the PDF into their customer database or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It took three days for the customer to receive an order acknowledgment, and the process was prone to data entry mistakes.
Solution: We used an API to automatically connect and load the product order data into the client’s ERP. The order acknowledgment process was reduced from three days to just seven seconds, and order accuracy essentially became flawless. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, the client also redirected staff resources to higher-level tasks.

Challenge: A transportation industry client’s new deals are populated to its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The scheduling of client rides, however, is managed in a different app, making it cumbersome and costly to manually communicate real-time ride status to its customers. This also leaves the client’s marketing pipeline in the CRM devoid of complete order fulfillment details.
Solution: Work Horse used an API to connect the client’s CRM software to its ride scheduling app. This way, customers receive automated updates on the status of their ride. The timely, increased number of touchpoints improves the customer experience. In addition, the client’s CRM marketing pipeline is automatically filled with data from the ride scheduling app. This provides a complete picture of customer transactions without any manual communication or data entry.

Challenge: At Work Horse, we were creating new client projects in our CRM, but didn’t have an automated workflow that enabled our accounting team to manage customer billing with ease. Additionally, the process of distinguishing new clients from existing ones was also manual. These procedures were time-consuming and vulnerable to data entry inaccuracies.
Solution: Using the MuleSoft API, we connected our CRM to a custom-formatted Excel spreadsheet. Now, new project and client data are automatically populated to a document that accounting uses for accurate, speedy billing. The API is also enabled to automatically detect a new client from a current one and send that information to accounting as well.

These are just a few ways Work Horse has helped clients automate their workflows and business processes by integrating disconnected applications, systems, services, and devices. Let’s see how we can make complex tech simple and affordable for your company, so you can work smarter, not harder. Our free software audit is a great way to get the conversation started!

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