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Custom Integration Services

Business process automation (BPA) is the use of software to automate repeatable, multi-step business transactions. In contrast to other types of automation, BPA solutions tend to be complex, connected to multiple enterprise information technology systems, and tailored specifically to the needs of an organization (per RedHat).

If your organization is struggling to manage information from multiple systems, exchanging data with third-party vendors, or providing real-time, accurate data, implementing BPA is not as costly or time-consuming as you may think. Our experts have worked in the SMB market for over 20 years and have the skills and knowledge to guide you through it. Our goal is to simplify the experience for your business.

Integration and API's

Integration has been around for decades. Organizations need to exchange data with vendors and customers. In the past, we used file-based technologies to import and export data. From computer disks, to FTP transfers, to exchanging files via Web-based tools, data comes and goes. The difference with today’s data exchange technologies is that they are more event-driven and real-time than ever.

Having a solid integration strategy is the key to overcoming obstacles when exchanging information with multiple systems or third parties. One of the tools of integration is a set of API’s around your systems and processes. An API allows developers to interface with different systems by creating a common interface that is known by other developers.


One of the most valuable payoffs of technology is the ability to make processes more efficient and repeatable. Business process automation provides a way to do more with less. It automates mundane, tedious operations and allows you to better utilize your human resources.

Reporting and Monitoring

One of the most underutilized functions of a growing organization is reporting and monitoring. Your IT staff is most likely already at capacity, keeping your organization running. We provide access to reporting and monitoring dashboards that allow you and us to keep tabs on your systems.

You need to know when events happen to or with your data. Alerts can be configured in a number of ways to notify your staff when they occur. These can be in the form of emails, text (or Slack, etc.) messages, or system alerts.

Bringing It Together

Our staff bundles leading technologies and providers to offer enterprise-level services to growing SMB customers. These services can be customized to provide the level of service you need at prices that are more budget-friendly for the SMB market. Contact Us

Fractional Integration Architect/CTO/CIO

Many organizations only need part-time assistance from a technical architect, CTO, or CIO. If you are looking someone to help you make IT decisions, design technical solutions, or help build your IT staff, consider engaging our staff as a fractional human resource. You get all of the experience from a senior technical consultant without the obligation of a high salary and benefit coverage. Whether you need 8  weeks per year, 10 hours per month, or a more dedicated resource, we can work with you.

Case Study

A Fortune 500 insurance company approached us with the challenge of overhauling and streamlining their software integration processes. Using the MuleSoft framework to develop, test, and monitor the integration environment, our MuleSoft consultants crafted a cloud-based business software integration platform which minimized the full application development cycled and facilitated application consumption and management.

Learn more about how our integration solutions can enhance your business processes by signing up for a free audit. One of our certified MuleSoft professionals will guide you through the process and determine what integrated software solutions are best for your business.