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MuleSoft Consulting: Best Practices for Hiring

When an enterprise contemplates hiring a MuleSoft consulting company, they’re considering more than just streamlining their business processes. Businesses are seeking solutions to hardware and software integration issues. They may even be aware of MuleSoft’s reputation as a cloud-based software integration service. However, hiring experienced in MuleSoft consultants can be challenging. Consequently, this is especially true if they’re unfamiliar with the platform or any other professional requirements.

What is MuleSoft?

 MuleSoft is a software company that specializes in software integration through its Anypoint Platform. This platform is designed to work with legacy systems, on-premises software, software as a service (SaaS), and other applications. Driven by the Mule 4 engine, the Anypoint Platform provides ease of use and integration to any enterprise. It focuses on streamlining internal processes to increase efficiency, and maximize productivity.

Regardless of the size of the enterprise, MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and Mule 4 engine provide many advantages to business operations. These include

  • Up-to-date API Integration:

    Understanding and connecting the Application Programming Interface (API) of various software packages can be a daunting, complicated process. Anypoint and Mule 4 allow for integration of APIs across diverse software within legacy systems within a single software platform.

  • Friendly user interface:

    MuleSoft provides an exceptional integrated software platform with a single user interface, allowing both business and IT professionals to better understand their processing workflows. Furthermore, this allows for more flexible thinking towards implementing strategic changes and better accommodates both business and customer services.

  • Easily deployable:

    Built on Mule ESB, API Manager, CloudHub iPaaS, and other platforms, MuleSoft can be deployed in a variety of environments: on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid deployment. Working with someone experienced in MuleSoft consulting can facilitate the implementation and deployment process, allowing for a smoother transition greater efficiency, and productivity.

  • Connectivity between software packages and hardware devices:

    MuleSoft’s platform allows for the integration of various software packages and works with a variety of hardware devices. Because of its flexible architecture and other capabilities (including data integration), MuleSoft’s platform can adapt to business needs and provide more effective decision-making, reducing processing time and driving business outputs more efficiently by providing a “future-proof foundation.”

Hiring a MuleSoft Consultant

Implementing a MuleSoft software integration solution from the bottom up can be daunting for any size enterprise; however, hiring experienced and certified MuleSoft consultants will have tremendous benefits. Integrating a variety of software APIs, legacy systems, and various hardware devices either on-premises, in the cloud, or both can be a complex undertaking. Many enterprise and IT professionals may not thoroughly understand the process, but hiring a consultant experienced in implementing the MuleSoft platform can provide a competitive edge.

Integrating someone with experience in MuleSoft consulting within your organization can provide greater benefits. These include:

  • Understanding and providing insight into your business:

    MuleSoft consulting does not mean just providing answers, but taking the time to understand business policies (including data governance and security) as well as internal systems. Deploying a MuleSoft integrated software solution is not a one-size-fits-all solution but requires a more thorough, considered approach. One of the key strengths of MuleSoft consulting is the assessment and adoption of current enterprise policies and procedures.

  • Identify, Assess, and Develop Interfaces and Integration Flows:

    Although an internal professional or IT specialist may have a global awareness of the software and hardware requirements, developing the particular pathways for software APIs, hardware, and other technical aspects to interact (also known as Integration flows) can be a complicated process. Hiring a highly skilled practitioner in MuleSoft consulting and implementation can make the process more effective and efficient. They can also advise enterprise and IT leaders about maintenance and modification.

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Expertise:

    Implementing a software integration system is not a one-and-done process and requires continual monitoring, adjustment, and modification. Strategic MuleSoft consulting will help your enterprise meet its strategic and business goals more effectively. A Certified MuleSoft Consultant can mentor your business through connecting your application ecosystem, offering specific digital strategies, and driving API and software integration.

Certifications for MuleSoft Consulting

 Professionals with formal certification in MuleSoft Consulting provide multiple benefits for both practitioners and clients. Many benefits to certification in MuleSoft Consulting include

  • Formal training in using the MuleSoft platform for strategic API integration;
  • Basic understanding of how the program works;
  • Documentation of expertise and knowledge for potential clients
  • Greater motivation to learn about technology and potential integrated software solutions; and
  • Dedication to continuing professional development around implementing MuleSoft.

With MuleSoft certification training moving towards a completely virtual model, you can easily learn the requirements and levels when hiring a consultant for your company. Hiring a certified MuleSoft consultant means that you are investing in a professional. This is someone who has dedicated time and effort to learning best practices in MuleSoft implementation and API integration.

MuleSoft certification levels are divided into two areas of concentration: Developer and  Architect. Most MuleSoft Certification levels require basic knowledge and experience in software implementation and programming. However, each certification level reflects a distinct array of skills and knowledge in any MuleSoft consulting professional. Knowing each level of MuleSoft certification can help your enterprise in selecting and hiring the right consultant. MuleSoft consulting certification levels include

Hiring a MuleSoft consulting professional requires knowledge of both current enterprise capabilities and appropriate skillsets for implementation. Many enterprise-level organizations have experienced increased productivity and efficiency through the MuleSoft platform thanks to experienced consultants. With this in mind, your enterprise can make a more informed decision in selecting a MuleSoft consulting professional.

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