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Quickbooks Desktop Integration Can Be a Challenge

Quickbooks desktop integration can be a challenge for medium to large-size businesses. Manual data entry results in high costs of time and money due to inaccurate information. Unnecessary delays in data sharing and input can adversely impact business decisions. This could be caused from a lack of real-time access and coordination. As more businesses become more reliant on remote working models, increasing efficiency is paramount. This is especially true when coordinating financial and other business data. As a result, critical deadlines around functions like inventory control, tax preparation, and other business functions can run more smoothly due to greater coordination between Quickbooks’ desktop and other software packages.

Now, there is an ideal Quickbooks API integration solution: QBD Connect. QBD Connect is a new business software integration solution providing API integration for Quickbooks Desktop users (including Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Enterprise) allowing for easy and safe data sharing.

What is QBD Connect?

Although Quickbooks Web Connector (QBWC) integrates with the online version of the popular accounting software, QBD Connect works with the desktop version of Quickbooks. Serving as a standalone API, QBD Connect provides Quickbooks desktop integration with other business-related software packages, providing greater coordination, productivity, and efficiency to internal processes.

QBD Connect provides tools and services that provide efficient Quickbooks API integration. These tools manage communication with QBWC and monitors and reports insights into the process. As a Quickbooks desktop integration tool, QBD Connect provides clients with billing and reporting services to track their work. With its diverse set of internal tools and services, QBD Connect provides Quickbook desktop integration for any business function, providing greater efficiency, increased revenues, and the ability to change external applications with minimal cost.

Benefits of Quickbooks Desktop Integration

Although Quickbooks is primarily known as an accounting software package, QBD Connect can serve as an excellent API integration solution for many industries and purposes. Several examples include:

  • Inventory Control – Retailers using inventory management software for tracking orders and physical inventory can better integrate Quickbooks for invoicing and payment tracking. Using QBD Direct’s integration API with inventory management software would provide retailers with numerous benefits. Retailers using QBD Connect can more easily evaluate and assess current inventory, reduce the need for manual counting, and faster order processing for a smoother, more efficient sales cycle.
  • Manufacturing – Manufacturers require consistent insight into raw material to drive faster outputs and improve overall sales. Integrating QBD Connect with their current processes would enable them to better access and process critical supply chain processes, leading to greater production levels and more effective distribution. QBD Connect would allow manufacturers access to accurate, up-to-date information about costs, automated builds, inventory processes, and order management.
  • End-of-Year Accounting Processes – Accounting firms, CFOs, and other financial professionals often rely on manual data entry and multiple batch processes for critical end-of-year reporting. Manual data entry can result in increased costs in terms of time and responsiveness. With more companies relying on remote workers, accessing data for manual entry can be problematic and lead to inaccurate data and prolonged processing times. With QBD Connect, automating these processes can lead to more real-time data access, timely processing, and accurate results.

QBD Connect Pricing and Download Information

 QBD Connect has several levels to accommodate your organization’s Quickbooks desktop integration needs. For a standard monthly fee per level, users have access to the reporting, dashboard, and technical support services that best meet the size and scope of their enterprise. Subscription levels for the QBD Connect API integration tool include:

  • Entry Level
    • Limited Number of Reports
    • Error reporting with notifications
    • 1 – 500 transactions per month
    • $0.10 per overage transaction
  • Standard Level
    • Tier One Level Reporting
    • Up to 1,500 transactions per month
    • $0.08 per overage transaction
    • Twelve (12) hours of support per year
  • Premium Level
    • Tier Two Reporting
    • Up to 5,000 transactions per month
    • $0.05 per overage transaction
    • Twenty (20) hours of support per year
  • Elite Level
    • Tier Three Reports
    • Unlimited monthly transactions
    • $0.03 per overage transaction
    • Twelve (12) support hours per year per client

Users of QBD Connect have two options in terms of on-site installation and implementation of this Quickbooks API integration solution:

  • QBD Connect can be downloaded directly from (insert link here) for a small fee and implemented on-site, or
  • Contact us if you need assistance with installation, implementation, and appropriate follow-up consulting services.

API integration is a challenge for medium and large-sized businesses, and Quickbooks desktop integration can seem daunting. The new QBD Connect provides a simple means for Quickbooks API integration with the desktop version of its popular software. Please visit the QBD Connect home site or contact us for more information, as well as answers to your questions or concerns.


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