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Based in the United States, Work Horse Integrations is certified in MuleSoft, providing software integration services through API integration and modernization consulting. Our certified professionals have experience and insight in high-quality software integration services and complex architectural solutions for IT and legacy business applications.

MuleSoft provides an agile environment for Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and full life-cycle API integration management. Our certified consultants have experience in both training and implementation of all three software packages:

  • MuleSoft AnyPoint – Facilitates design, construction, and deployment of API and other integrations with real-time visibility, automated security, and accelerated delivery;
  • MuleSoft Runtime – a lightweight Java-based integration platform that serves as the runtime engine of MuleSoft AnyPoint and provides capabilities in service creation and hosting, data transformation, service mediation, and message routing; and
  • MuleSoft CloudHub – a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) component of the Any point platform, maintaining software integration services through continuous software updates and a globally distributed architecture with 99.99% uptime.

Our certified consultants provide enterprise software integration services and training that follow software integration best practices and strategic implementation.

Case Study

Faced with the challenge of helping companies manage application data like passwords and other security assets, our consultants worked to craft an interface with products like CyberArk’s EPV and Microsoft’s KeyVault. Combining a Spring configuration and a specific Java class, the Mule team managed to craft a custom module that allowed application development managers to create a set of sensitive properties.

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