Case Study

Enhancing Business Software Integration in Manufacturing


The IT director for a large manufacturing company was concerned with customer and company frustration with order processing times. Exporting and importing data was difficult as the company was reliant on servers and systems that did not easily share data. The IT director was seeking a cost-effective, easily implemented business software integration solution.


Although the company was already using the free community-based Kernel MuleSoft, our consultants developed an API that exposed order information for one platform (OnBase) to complete a business process for another (Planet Press). Mulesoft simplified other internal company processes, allowing for data sharing across platforms (such as warehousing and accounting and human resources and CRM). Our business software integration strategy also included expanding their website search functionality through exposing an API resource. Through JIRA, our team refined the company’s alerting, monitoring, and support ticket services.

Our team also designed and developed integrations that fit within existing Enterprise Resource Plans (ERP). Our consultants built a custom Mulesoft component that allowed modern technologies and business software integration processes to work with legacy AS/400 systems.


Our business software integration strategy allowed this company to reduce order processing time from four days to seven seconds. Our work also reduced their order fulfillment and processing costs and allowed them to integrate modern processes into legacy systems.

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