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Work Horse Integrations specializes in providing consulting and contracting for two distinct, yet similar, application frameworks. The business was founded on integration solutions, using Mule ESB. MuleSoft products provide a flexible and consistent framework for developing robust integration applications. Recently, consulting was added to our offerings. These two frameworks may be combined to create a completely customizable and integrated infrastructure for mid- to enterprise-level customers.

After several years of development, and many competitors, Mule ESB continues to grow as one of the leading Enterprise Service Bus products on the market. It has a flexible, efficient, and light-weight architecture. Combined with its affordable pricing model, Mule ESB is a fit for most enterprise systems. In addition to the ESB, MuleSoft has a number of products that provide SOA functionality. has been known for years as the leading, customizable CRM tool. However, as many people have recognized, it is much more than a CRM application. Companies have developed customized applications to manage critical pieces of their business. Combine with MuleSoft products and you can turn a robust set of tools into one homogeneous enterprise environment.

The world of integration is vast and sometimes complicated. While no two integration solutions are exactly the same, our consultants have experience working with common situations in a number of industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, insurance, and hospitality. Consultants at Work Horse Integrations are seasoned veterans that understand the pitfalls of software integration.

Are you using Agile, Waterfall, or some combination of project methodologies? We work with your current infrastructure to help you build a reliable and efficient enterprise messaging layer in your architecture.

In summary, people choose us because of the expertise that we bring to their organization. Is integration work different from regular application development? Absolutely. Other consulting firms will tell you that they can build integration applications. With enough time, effort, and money, they probably can. The difference between us and them is that we specialize in integration work. We know the pitfalls of integrating several networked systems. We understand the complexities of enhancing legacy systems with modern applications through an ESB. Add to that a fully-customizable, Cloud-based application framework, that provides, and you can start to realize what technology can do for you. Let us put your mind at ease and guide you through the process.