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Working with Shared VM and Cached Scope

During one of my recent projects, I had a chance to work with two components of Mule ESB that were new to me. One of them is the concept of shared VM endpoints using domain resources. The other is a block of messages processors that reside within a cached scope. They have been in the Mule runtime engine for a couple of minor versions. Hopefully, the information below will allow you to be more effective when designing your integration applications.

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Automation with Insightly API

I have been using the cloud based CRM software Insightly for a while now. I use it to manage my clients' information, and projects that I have with those clients. Recently I was presented with a task by my boss. He wanted to automate some of our business processes because we were taking to much time entering data and creating spreadsheets to send to our accounting team. Every time we would start a new project with one of our clients we would create a spreadsheet showing all of the information about the project budgeted hours, budgeted amount, etc. Also, we would check with our accounting team to see if they already had the client within their system. If not we would also create a customer spreadsheet to send over so they could have emails, billing contacts information, etc.

This process took about thirty minutes every time we started a new Project. So, we needed to come up with a way to speed up or automate this process. We are closely associated with Mulesoft, and have a team of Certified Mule Developers, and we decided to use Mule to accomplish this task. Mulesoft has a suite of different integration and API products.

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