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Mission Statement

We strive to be the leading provider of professional services for enterprise integration and cloud technologies through employing and developing professional employees with specialized expertise, building long-term value for our customers, and sharing our knowledge through education.

Vision Statement

We will provide our customers with a robust, flexible, and efficient application architecture and top-quality integration solutions. Our knowledgeable consultants will provide a holistic approach to implementing application infrastructure. Our vision is to be a highly-skilled consulting company with a satisfaction rating of at least 95%.

Values Statement

We are committed to educating and developing our employees to be talented, productive, and successful consultants. Our consultants become trusted advisors to our customers, helping them to make informed decisions about their investment in technology.

A Promise to Our Customers

We recognize that most of our direct customer contacts are focused on the technical aspects of our relationship. Consequently, we assign technical leads on each of our projects to help with day to day operations and long-term planning. Our engagement managers deal with contracts, executive relationships, and resource planning. Other than that, you work directly with our technical staff.

What are the benefits of using this approach? The biggest advantage is reducing communications breakdowns. Most of our customers already have an overall project plan. Executing this plan effectively requires an understanding of the technical tasks. Our technical leads provide the knowledge, communication skills, and implementation experience to work within your plan. Another benefit is that it allows us to keep our prices very competitve and reduce unnecessary overhead costs for your project.